Löydetty 168 Tulokset: Town

  • Then everyone - men, women, young people and children - gathered and accused Uzziah and the leaders of the town. They called out with loud cries and said before all the elders, (Judith 7, 23)

  • Then he dismissed the men, each to his post, and they went towards the ramparts and the towers of the town, and he sent the women and children back to their homes. Now there was a great depression throughout the town. (Judith 7, 32)

  • as he was supervising the reapers who were binding the sheaves on the plain; he suffered sunstroke, took to his bed and died in Bethulia, his town. He was buried with his ancestors in the field which lies between Dothan and Balamon. (Judith 8, 3)

  • So she sent the maidservant who looked after her affairs, to call Chabris and Charmis, two elders of the town, to come and see her. (Judith 8, 10)

  • They came to her house and she said to them, "Listen to me, you elders of Bethulia, for the words which you have spoken in front of the people today are not right. You did wrong to take an oath between God and yourselves, and to say that you would hand over the town to our enemies if, within a certain number of days, the Lord does not come to your help. (Judith 8, 11)

  • Tonight you will stand at the gate of the town and I will go out with my maidservant and, by the end of the time which has been fixed for you to hand over the town to our enemies, the Lord will visit Israel through my hand. (Judith 8, 33)

  • Then they set out in the direction of the gate of the town of Bethulia where they found stationed Uzziah and the elders of the town, Chabris and Charmis. (Judith 10, 6)

  • "Command that the gate of the town be opened for me and I will go forth in order to accomplish what you have just said." They ordered the young men to open the gate as she had asked. (Judith 10, 9)

  • who put it in the bag in which she carried the food. Then they went out together as they used to do for prayer. After they had crossed the camp, they passed round the edge of the ravine, climbed the mountain to Bethulia and reached the gates of the town. (Judith 13, 10)

  • As soon as the townsfolk heard her voice, they called the elders and hurried down to the gates of the town. (Judith 13, 12)

  • then when dawn breaks and the sun rises over the earth, let each of you take his weapons and let all those able to fight go outside the town. And under the command of a captain, proceed as if you were about to go down into the plain in the direction of the Assyrian outposts, but you will not descend. (Judith 14, 2)

  • When she had finished talking, the people cried out with great joy, and this was heard throughout the town. (Judith 14, 9)

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