Löydetty 136 Tulokset: ears

  • Therefore, they gave him all the foreign gods which they had, and the earrings which were in their ears. And then he buried them under the terebinth tree, which is beyond the city of Shechem. (Genesis 35, 4)

  • slept again, and he saw another dream. Seven ears of grain sprung up on one stalk, full and well-formed. (Genesis 41, 5)

  • Likewise, other ears of grain, of the same number, rose up, thin and struck with blight, (Genesis 41, 6)

  • I saw a dream. Seven ears of grain sprang up on one stalk, full and very beautiful. (Genesis 41, 22)

  • The seven beautiful cows, and the seven full ears of grain, are seven years of abundance. And so the force of the dreams is understood to be the same. (Genesis 41, 26)

  • Likewise, the seven thin and emaciated cows, which ascended after them, and the seven thin ears of grain, which were struck with the burning wind, are seven approaching years of famine. (Genesis 41, 27)

  • Then Judah, approaching closer, said confidently: “I beg you, my lord, let your servant speak a word in your ears, and do not be angry with your servant. For you are next to Pharaoh. (Genesis 44, 18)

  • And when the time for mourning was fulfilled, Joseph spoke to the family of Pharaoh: “If I have found favor in your sight, speak to the ears of Pharaoh. (Genesis 50, 4)

  • and so that you may describe to the ears of your sons and your grandsons how often I opposed the Egyptians and wrought my signs among them, and so that you may know that I am the Lord.” (Exodus 10, 2)

  • Then the Lord said to Moses: “Write this, as a memorial in a book, and deliver it to the ears of Joshua. For I will wipe away the memory of Amalek from under heaven.” (Exodus 17, 14)

  • And Aaron said to them, “Take the golden earrings from the ears of your wives, and your sons and daughters, and bring them to me.” (Exodus 32, 2)

  • But if you will offer a gift of the first-fruits of your grain to the Lord, from ears of grain still green, you shall parch it at the fire, and break it open in the manner of meal. And so shall you offer your first-fruits to the Lord: (Leviticus 2, 14)

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