Löydetty 162 Tulokset: darkness

  • a land of misery and darkness, where the shadow of death, and nothing else but everlasting horror, dwells. (Job 10, 22)

  • He reveals the depths of the darkness, and he brings the shadow of death into the light. (Job 12, 22)

  • They will grope as in the darkness, not the light, and he will make them stagger like drunkards. (Job 12, 25)

  • He does not believe that it is possible for him to be turned from darkness into the light, for he sees around him the sword on every side. (Job 15, 22)

  • When he moves himself to seek bread, he knows that the day of darkness has been prepared for his hand. (Job 15, 23)

  • He will not withdraw from the darkness; the flame will burn up his branches, and he will be defeated by the breath of his own mouth. (Job 15, 30)

  • They have turned night into day, and I hope for light again after the darkness. (Job 17, 12)

  • If I should wait, the underworld is my house, and in darkness I have spread out my bed. (Job 17, 13)

  • Light will become darkness in his tabernacle, and the lamp that is over him will be extinguished. (Job 18, 6)

  • He will expel him from light into darkness, and he will remove him from the world. (Job 18, 18)

  • He has hemmed in my path, and I cannot pass; he has added darkness to my difficult path. (Job 19, 8)

  • All darkness has been hidden in his secrecy. A fire that has not been set will devour him; he will be thrown down and forsaken in his tabernacle. (Job 20, 26)

“O demônio é forte com quem o teme, mas é fraquíssimo com quem o despreza.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina