Löydetty 140 Tulokset: build

  • For about this, he has sent to us in Babylon, saying: It is a long time. Build houses and live in them. And plant gardens, and eat from their fruits.’ ” (Jeremiah 29, 28)

  • And I will build you up again. And you shall be built up, O virgin of Israel. Still shall you be adorned with your timbrels, and still shall you go forth to the singing of those who play. (Jeremiah 31, 4)

  • And just as I have watched over them, so that I may root up, and tear down, and scatter, and destroy, and afflict, so will I watch over them, so that I may build and plant them, says the Lord. (Jeremiah 31, 28)

  • And I will convert the turning away of Judah and the turning away of Jerusalem. And I will build them up, just as from the beginning. (Jeremiah 33, 7)

  • And you shall not build houses, and you shall not sow any seeds, and you shall not plant or have vineyards. Instead, you shall live in tents all your days, so that you may live many days upon the face of the earth, in which you are sojourners.’ (Jeremiah 35, 7)

  • And we do not build houses in which to live. And we do not have vineyard, or field, or seed to sow. (Jeremiah 35, 9)

  • If you dwell quietly in this land, I will build you up, and I will not tear you down. I will plant you, and I will not uproot you. For now I have been appeased by the harm that I have done to you. (Jeremiah 42, 10)

  • And you shall set up a blockade against it, and you shall build fortifications, and you shall put together a rampart, and you shall encamp opposite it, and you shall place battering rams around it. (Ezekiel 4, 2)

  • And not with a great army, nor with many people will Pharaoh undertake a battle against him, when he will cast up ramparts and build defenses, in order to put to death many souls. (Ezekiel 17, 17)

  • To his right was set the divination over Jerusalem, to place battering rams so as to open a mouth for the slaughter, to lift up the voice of wailing, to place battering rams opposite the gates, to cast up a rampart, to build fortifications. (Ezekiel 21, 22)

  • And they shall live within it securely. And they shall build houses and plant vineyards. And they shall live in confidence, when I will have executed judgments upon all those who turn against them on every side. And they shall know that I am the Lord their God.” (Ezekiel 28, 26)

  • Therefore, know and take heed: from the going forth of the word to build up Jerusalem again, until the Christ leader, there will be seven weeks of years, and sixty-two weeks of years; and the wide path will be built again, and the walls, in a time of anguish. (Daniel 9, 25)

Por que a tentação passada deixa na alma uma certa perturbação? perguntou um penitente a Padre Pio. Ele respondeu: “Você já presenciou um tremor de terra? Quando tudo estremece a sua volta, você também é sacudido; no entanto, não necessariamente fica enterrado nos destroços!” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina