Löydetty 56 Tulokset: bases

  • of which, there were fifteen cubits, among three columns with their bases, holding up one side, (Exodus 38, 14)

  • and on the other side, (for between the two he made the entrance of the tabernacle) there were equally hangings of fifteen cubits, and three pillars, and the same number of bases. (Exodus 38, 15)

  • The bases of the columns were of brass, but their heads with all of their engravings were of silver. Now he also overlaid the columns of the atrium themselves with silver. (Exodus 38, 17)

  • Now the columns at the entrance were four, with bases of brass, and their heads and engravings were of silver. (Exodus 38, 19)

  • There were, beyond that, one hundred talents of silver, from which were cast the bases for the Sanctuary and for the entrance where the veil hangs. (Exodus 38, 26)

  • One hundred bases were made from one hundred talents, a single talent being counted for each base. (Exodus 38, 27)

  • from which were cast the bases at the entrance of the tabernacle of the testimony, and the altar of brass with its grating, and the vessels which pertain to its use, (Exodus 38, 30)

  • and the bases of the atrium, as much at the circumference as at its entrance, and the tent pegs of the tabernacle and of the atrium all round. (Exodus 38, 31)

  • And they offered the tabernacle, and the covering, and all of the articles: the rings, the panels, the bars, the columns and bases, (Exodus 39, 32)

  • the altar of brass, the grating, the bars, and all of its vessels, the washtub with its base, the hangings of the atrium, and the columns with their bases, (Exodus 39, 39)

  • And Moses raised it up, and he positioned the panels as well as the bases and the bars, and he set up the columns, (Exodus 40, 16)

  • Under their care shall be the panels of the tabernacle, and the bars, and the columns with their bases, and all the things which pertain to service of this kind, (Numbers 3, 36)

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