Löydetty 357 Tulokset: altar

  • And the priest shall take some of its blood with his finger, and touching the horns of the altar of holocaust, he shall pour out the remainder at its base. (Leviticus 4, 34)

  • Likewise, all of the fat shall be taken away, just as the fat of the ram, which is immolated for peace offerings, is usually taken away. And he shall burn it upon the altar as an incense of the Lord. And he shall pray for him and for his sin, and he shall be released from it. (Leviticus 4, 35)

  • And he shall sprinkle some of its blood at the side of the altar. But whatever will remain, he shall cause it to drip down to the base, because it is for sin. (Leviticus 5, 9)

  • And he shall deliver it to the priest, who shall take a handful of it, and shall burn it upon the altar as a memorial for him who offered it, (Leviticus 5, 12)

  • Instruct Aaron and his sons: This is the law of a holocaust. It shall be burned upon the altar, all night until morning. The fire shall be from the same altar. (Leviticus 6, 9)

  • The priest shall be vested with the tunic and the linen undergarments. And he shall take up the ashes of that which the devouring fire has consumed, and, placing them next to the altar, (Leviticus 6, 10)

  • But the fire on the altar shall burn always, for the priest shall nourish it by placing wood under it each day in the morning. And, laying down the holocaust, he shall burn the fat of the peace offerings upon it. (Leviticus 6, 12)

  • This is the perpetual fire which shall never fail upon the altar. (Leviticus 6, 13)

  • This is the law of the sacrifice and the libations, which the sons of Aaron shall offer in the sight of the Lord, and before the altar. (Leviticus 6, 14)

  • The priest shall take a handful of fine wheat flour, which has been sprinkled with oil, and all the frankincense, which has been placed upon the flour, and he shall burn it upon the altar as a memorial of most sweet odor to the Lord. (Leviticus 6, 15)

  • by the priest who by law succeeds his father. And it shall be entirely burned on the altar. (Leviticus 6, 22)

  • Therefore, where the holocaust is immolated, the victim for a transgression shall also be slain. Its blood shall be poured out all around the altar. (Leviticus 7, 2)

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