Löydetty 41 Tulokset: Founded

  • So then, tomorrow, at this same hour, I will rain down exceedingly great hail, such as has not been in Egypt from the day that it was founded, even until this present time. (Exodus 9, 18)

  • And they ascended by the south side. And they arrived at Hebron, where there were Ahiman and Shishai and Talmai, the sons of Anak. For Hebron was founded seven years before Tanis, the city of Egypt. (Numbers 13, 23)

  • In the fourth year, the house of the Lord was founded, in the month of Ziv. (1 Kings 6, 37)

  • In his days, Hiel from Bethel built up Jericho. With Abiram, his firstborn, he founded it, and with Segub, his youngest son, he set up its gates, in accord with the word of the Lord, which he had spoken by the hand of Joshua, the son of Nun. (1 Kings 16, 34)

  • Let all the earth be moved before his face. For he founded the globe immoveable. (1 Chronicles 16, 30)

  • Solomon had all the expenses prepared, from the day on which he founded the house of the Lord, even until the day when he perfected it. (2 Chronicles 8, 16)

  • From the first day of the seventh month, they began to offer holocausts to the Lord. But the temple of God had not yet been founded. (Ezra 3, 6)

  • And when the builders had founded the temple of the Lord, the priests stood in their adornment with trumpets, and the Levites, the sons of Asaph, stood with cymbals, so that they might praise God by the hand of David, the king of Israel. (Ezra 3, 10)

  • And they sung together with hymns and confession to the Lord: “For he is good. For his mercy is over Israel unto eternity.” And likewise, all the people shouted with a great clamor in praise to the Lord, because the temple of the Lord had been founded. (Ezra 3, 11)

  • And many of the priests and the Levites, and the leaders of the fathers and of the elders, who had seen the former temple, when now this temple was founded and was before their eyes, wept with a great voice. And many of them, shouting for joy, lifted up their voice. (Ezra 3, 12)

  • For I will behold your heavens, the works of your fingers: the moon and the stars, which you have founded. (Psalms 8, 4)

  • For he has founded it upon the seas, and he has prepared it upon the rivers. (Psalms 23, 2)

“Que Maria sempre enfeite sua alma com as flores e o perfume de novas virtudes e coloque a mão materna sobre sua cabeça. Fique sempre e cada vez mais perto de nossa Mãe celeste, pois ela é o mar que deve ser atravessado para se atingir as praias do esplendor eterno no reino do amanhecer.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina