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  • "Now these are the cities you shall give to the Levites: the six cities of asylum which you must establish as places where a homicide can take refuge, and in addition forty-two other cities-- (Numbers 35, 6)

  • select for yourselves cities to serve as cities of asylum, where a homicide who has killed someone unintentionally may take refuge. (Numbers 35, 11)

  • These six cities of asylum shall serve not only the Israelites but all the resident or transient aliens among them, so that anyone who has killed another unintentionally may take refuge there. (Numbers 35, 15)

  • shall free the homicide from the avenger of blood and shall remand him to the city of asylum where he took refuge; and he shall stay there until the death of the high priest who has been anointed with sacred oil. (Numbers 35, 25)

  • If the homicide of his own accord leaves the bounds of the city of asylum where he has taken refuge, (Numbers 35, 26)

  • that a homicide might take refuge there if he unwittingly killed his neighbor to whom he had previously borne no malice, and that he might save his life by fleeing to one of these cities: (Deuteronomy 4, 42)

  • You shall thereby divide into three regions the land which the LORD, your God, will give you as a heritage, and so arrange the routes that every homicide will be able to find a refuge. (Deuteronomy 19, 3)

  • "It is in the following case that a homicide may take refuge in such a place to save his life: when someone unwittingly kills his neighbor to whom he had previously borne no malice. (Deuteronomy 19, 4)

  • For example, if he goes with his neighbor to a forest to cut wood, and as he swings his ax to fell a tree, its head flies off the handle and hits his neighbor a mortal blow, he may take refuge in one of these cities to save his life. (Deuteronomy 19, 5)

  • "However, if someone lies in wait for his neighbor out of hatred for him, and rising up against him, strikes him mortally, and then takes refuge in one of these cities, (Deuteronomy 19, 11)

  • "You shall not hand over to his master a slave who has taken refuge from him with you. (Deuteronomy 23, 16)

  • During their delay Ehud made good his escape and, passing the idols, took refuge in Seirah. (Judges 3, 26)

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