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  • But the angel said to him, "Take hold of the fish and don't let it get away!" The boy seized the fish and hauled it up on the shore. (Tobit 6, 4)

  • The angel then told him: "Cut the fish open and take out its gall, heart, and liver, and keep them with you; but throw away the entrails. Its gall, heart, and liver make useful medicines." (Tobit 6, 5)

  • After the lad had cut the fish open, he put aside the gall, heart, and liver. Then he broiled and ate part of the fish; the rest he salted and kept for the journey. (Tobit 6, 6)

  • Afterward they traveled on together till they were near Media. The boy asked the angel this question: "Brother Azariah, what medicinal value is there in the fish's heart, liver, and gall?" (Tobit 6, 7)

  • He answered: "As regards the fish's heart and liver, if you burn them so that the smoke surrounds a man or a woman who is afflicted by a demon or evil spirit, the affliction will leave him completely, and no demons will ever return to him again. (Tobit 6, 8)

  • When you go into the bridal chamber, take the fish's liver and heart, and place them on the embers for the incense. (Tobit 6, 17)

  • At this point Tobiah, mindful of Raphael's instructions, took the fish's liver and heart from the bag which he had with him, and placed them on the embers for the incense. (Tobit 8, 2)

  • The demon, repelled by the odor of the fish, fled into Upper Egypt; Raphael pursued him there and bound him hand and foot. Then Raphael returned immediately. (Tobit 8, 3)

  • Smear the fish gall on them. This medicine will make the cataracts shrink and peel off from his eyes; then your father will again be able to see the light of day." (Tobit 11, 8)

  • with the fish gall in his hand, and holding him firmly, blew into his eyes. "Courage, father," he said. (Tobit 11, 11)

  • Or the reptiles on earth to instruct you, and the fish of the sea to inform you. (Job 12, 8)

  • Can you fill his hide with barbs, or his head with fish spears? (Job 40, 31)

“O sábio elogia a mulher forte dizendo: os seu dedos manejaram o fuso. A roca é o alvo dos seus desejos. Fie, portanto, cada dia um pouco. Puxe fio a fio até a execução e, infalivelmente, você chegará ao fim. Mas não tenha pressa, pois senão você poderá misturar o fio com os nós e embaraçar tudo.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina