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  • Yahweh said to him, "Well then, whoever kills Cain, will suffer vengeance seven times." And Yahweh put a mark on Cain to prevent anyone who met him from killing him. (Genesis 4, 15)

  • If Cain will be avenged seven times, then Lamech seventy-seven times." (Genesis 4, 24)

  • But your father has not been straight with me, changing my wages ten times. But God has not allowed him to do me harm. (Genesis 31, 7)

  • It's twenty years that I've been with you. I worked fourteen years for your two daughters and six years for your flocks, and ten times you have altered my wages. (Genesis 31, 41)

  • He himself went on before them and bowed to the ground seven times until he came near his brother. (Genesis 33, 3)

  • Joseph had portions from his own dish taken to them and Benjamin's portion was five times more than that of the others. So they drank freely with him. (Genesis 43, 34)

  • They will fill your house and the houses of your ministers and all the houses in Egypt, something your fathers and their fathers before them have never seen from ancient times to this day." Having said this, Moses turned away and left Pharaoh's presence. (Exodus 10, 6)

  • They will administer justice at all times, bringing to your attention only those cases of major importance, while they deal with all those of lesser importance. That will ease your burden since they will be sharing it with you. (Exodus 18, 22)

  • They administered justice at all times, bringing difficult cases to Moses but judging all other cases themselves. (Exodus 18, 26)

  • Three times each year you shall celebrate a feast in my honor. (Exodus 23, 14)

  • Three times during the year all your men shall present themselves before Yahweh. (Exodus 23, 17)

  • Three times each year all your men shall appear before Yahweh, God of Israel. (Exodus 34, 23)

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