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  • They have thrown their gods into the fire and destroyed them, for they were not true gods but made of wood and stone by human hands. (Isaiah 37, 19)

  • You will seek, but will not find them; those enemies of yours, those who took up arms against you will be destroyed, brought to nothing. (Isaiah 41, 12)

  • Destroyed because of our sins, he was crushed for our wickedness. Through his punishment we are made whole; by his wounds we are healed. (Isaiah 53, 5)

  • for the nations and kingdoms that refuse to serve you will perish; they will be destroyed.) (Isaiah 60, 12)

  • Disaster after disaster; all the land is laid waste; my tents are suddenly destroyed and in an instant all that shelters me is wiped out. (Jeremiah 4, 20)

  • My tent is destroyed, all its cords are snapped. My children have left me and are no more; no one is left to pitch my tent or to set my shelter up. (Jeremiah 10, 20)

  • Let him be like the towns that Yahweh destroyed without mercy. Let him hear a warning shout in the morning and a battle cry at noon! (Jeremiah 20, 16)

  • I am with you to save you. I will utterly destroy the nations where you are scattered. You alone shall not be destroyed, but I will discipline you justly and not let you go unpunished." (Jeremiah 30, 11)

  • The whole valley where dead bodies and ashes are thrown and all the fields as far as the brook of Kidron and the corner of the Horse Gate on the east will be holy to Yahweh. Never again will the city be uprooted, never again destroyed." (Jeremiah 31, 40)

  • The remnant of Judah that chose to enter Egypt and live there will all perish. They will be destroyed by the sword and famine and become an object of horror and cursing, of condemnation and reproach. (Jeremiah 44, 12)

  • Moab is destroyed; her cry is heard as far as Zoar. (Jeremiah 48, 4)

  • Moab will be destroyed, her towns shattered; her finest young men will be slaughtered - it is the King who speaks, whose name is Yahweh Sabaoth. (Jeremiah 48, 15)

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