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  • Do not depend on money. Be content with having enough for today for God has said: I will never forsake you or abandon you, (Hebrews 13, 5)

  • Christ Jesus is the same today as yesterday and forever. (Hebrews 13, 8)

  • Listen now, you who speak like this, "Today or tomorrow we will go off to this city and spend a year there; we will do business and make money." (James 4, 13)

  • Your silver and gold have rusted and their rust grows into a witness against you. It will consume your flesh like fire, for having piled up riches in these the last days. (James 5, 3)

  • since God's power shall keep you faithful until salvation is revealed in the last days. (1 Peter 1, 5)

  • This was the salvation for which the prophets so eagerly looked when, in days past, they foretold the favor of God with regard to you. (1 Peter 1, 10)

  • It was revealed to them that they were working not for themselves but for you. Thus, in these days, after the Holy Spirit has been sent from heaven, the Gospel's preachers have taught you these mysteries which even the angels long to see. (1 Peter 1, 12)

  • God, who has known Christ before the world began, revealed him to you in the last days. (1 Peter 1, 20)

  • Live a blameless life among the pagans; so when they accuse you falsely of any wrong, they may see your good works and give glory to God on the day he comes to them. (1 Peter 2, 12)

  • Instead, you should be glad to share in the sufferings of Christ because, on the day his Glory is revealed, you will also fully rejoice. (1 Peter 4, 13)

  • Therefore, we believe most firmly in the message of the prophets which you should consider rightly as a lamp shining in a dark place, until the break of day, when the Morning Star shines in your hearts. (2 Peter 1, 19)

  • In fact, God did not pardon the angels who sinned but cast them into hell, confining them in the dark pits, keeping them there until the Day of Judgment. (2 Peter 2, 4)

“Reze pelos infiéis, pelos fervorosos, pelo Papa e por todas as necessidades espirituais e temporais da Santa Igreja, nossa terna mãe. E faça uma oração especial por todos os que trabalham para a salvação das almas e para a glória do nosso Pai celeste.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina