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  • Zillah also conceived Tubalcain, who was a hammerer and artisan in every work of brass and iron. In fact, the sister of Tubalcain was Noema. (Genesis 4, 22)

  • Now these are the things that you must accept: Gold, and silver, and brass, (Exodus 25, 3)

  • You shall also make fifty brass buckles, with which the loops may be joined, so that there may be one covering out of all. (Exodus 26, 11)

  • And you shall overlay with gold five columns of setim wood, over which the tent shall be drawn. The heads of these shall be of gold, and the bases of brass.” (Exodus 26, 37)

  • Now there shall be horns at the four corners of it, and you shall cover it with brass. (Exodus 27, 2)

  • And you shall make, for its uses, pans to receive the ashes, and tongs as well as small hooks, and receptacles for fire. You shall fabricate all of its vessels from brass, (Exodus 27, 3)

  • along with a grating of brass in the manner of a net. At its four corners there shall be four rings of brass, (Exodus 27, 4)

  • You shall also make, for the altar, two bars of setim wood, which you shall cover with layers of brass. (Exodus 27, 6)

  • And you shall make twenty columns with the same number of bases of brass, the heads of which, with their engravings, shall be made of silver. (Exodus 27, 10)

  • In like manner also, throughout the length of the north side, there shall be hangings of one hundred cubits, and twenty columns, and the same number of bases of brass, and their heads with their engravings of silver. (Exodus 27, 11)

  • All the columns surrounding the atrium shall be clothed with layers of silver, with silver heads, and with bases of brass. (Exodus 27, 17)

  • In length, the atrium shall occupy one hundred cubits, in width, fifty; the height shall be of five cubits. And it shall be made of fine twisted linen, and it shall have bases of brass. (Exodus 27, 18)

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