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  • But Jacob insisted, "Swear to me first!" So he sold Jacob his birthright under oath. (Genesis 25, 33)

  • Are we not regarded by him as outsiders? He not only sold us; he has even used up the money that he got for us! (Genesis 31, 15)

  • They sold Joseph to the Ishmaelites for twenty pieces of silver. Some Midianite traders passed by, and they pulled Joseph up out of the cistern and took him to Egypt. (Genesis 37, 28)

  • The Midianites, meanwhile, sold Joseph in Egypt to Potiphar, a courtier of Pharaoh and his chief steward. (Genesis 37, 36)

  • "Come closer to me," he told his brothers. When they had done so, he said: "I am your brother Joseph, whom you once sold into Egypt. (Genesis 45, 4)

  • But now do not be distressed, and do not reproach yourselves for having sold me here. It was really for the sake of saving lives that God sent me here ahead of you. (Genesis 45, 5)

  • So they brought their livestock to Joseph, and he sold them food in return for their horses, their flocks of sheep and herds of cattle, and their donkeys. Thus he got them through that year with bread in exchange for all their livestock. (Genesis 47, 17)

  • Thus Joseph acquired all the farm land of Egypt for Pharaoh, since with the famine too much for them to bear, every Egyptian sold his field; so the land passed over to Pharaoh, (Genesis 47, 20)

  • But if after sunrise he is thus beaten, there is bloodguilt.) He must make full restitution. If he has nothing, he shall be sold to pay for his theft. (Exodus 22, 2)

  • "The land shall not be sold in perpetuity; for the land is mine, and you are but aliens who have become my tenants. (Leviticus 24, 23)

  • When one of your countrymen is reduced to poverty and has to sell some of his property, his closest relative, who has the right to redeem it, may go and buy back what his kinsman has sold. (Leviticus 24, 25)

  • he shall make a deduction from the price in proportion to the number of years since the sale, and then pay back the balance to the one to whom he sold it, so that he may thus regain his own property. (Leviticus 24, 27)

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