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  • in keeping with the orders which the LORD had given him through Moses. This cover was to be a reminder to the Israelites that no layman, no one who was not a descendant of Aaron, should approach the altar to offer incense before the LORD, lest he meet the fate of Korah and his band. (Numbers 17, 5)

  • Then Moses said to Aaron, "Take your censer, put fire from the altar in it, lay incense on it, and bring it quickly to the community to make atonement for them; for wrath has come forth from the LORD and the blow is falling." (Numbers 17, 11)

  • Then lay them down in the meeting tent, in front of the commandments, where I meet you. (Numbers 17, 19)

  • As your associates they shall have charge of all the work connected with the meeting tent. But no layman shall come near you. (Numbers 18, 4)

  • But only you and your sons are to have charge of performing the priestly functions in whatever concerns the altar and the room within the veil. I give you the priesthood as a gift. Any layman who draws near shall be put to death." (Numbers 18, 7)

  • 'This people that came here from Egypt now cover the face of the earth. Please come and lay a curse on them for us; we may then be able to give them battle and drive them out.'" (Numbers 22, 11)

  • I will reward you very handsomely and will do anything you ask of me. Please come and lay a curse on this people for me." (Numbers 22, 17)

  • Then Balaam gave voice to his oracle: From Aram has Balak brought me here, Moab's king, from the Eastern Mountains: "Come and lay a curse for me on Jacob, come and denounce Israel." (Numbers 23, 7)

  • And the LORD replied to Moses, "Take Joshua, son of Nun, a man of spirit, and lay your hand upon him. (Numbers 27, 18)

  • Slay, therefore, every male child and every woman who has had intercourse with a man. (Numbers 31, 17)

  • then the community, deciding the case between the slayer and the avenger of blood in accordance with these norms, (Numbers 35, 24)

  • Then, as before, I lay prostrate before the LORD for forty days and forty nights without eating or drinking, because of all the sin you had committed in the sight of the LORD and the evil you had done to provoke him. (Deuteronomy 9, 18)

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