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  • Do not say to your neighbour, 'Go away! Come another time! I will give it you tomorrow,' if you can do it now. (Proverbs 3, 28)

  • Do not plot harm against your neighbour who is living unsuspecting beside you. (Proverbs 3, 29)

  • My child, if you have gone surety for your neighbour, if you have guaranteed the bond of a stranger, (Proverbs 6, 1)

  • do this, my child, to extricate yourself -- since you have put yourself in the power of your neighbour: go, humble yourself, plead with your neighbour, (Proverbs 6, 3)

  • Just so, the man who makes love to his neighbour's wife: no one who touches her will get off unpunished. (Proverbs 6, 29)

  • Through his mouth the godless is the ruin of his neighbour, but by knowledge the upright are safeguarded. (Proverbs 11, 9)

  • Whoever looks down on a neighbour lacks good sense; the intelligent keeps a check on the tongue. (Proverbs 11, 12)

  • The violent lures his neighbour astray and leads him by a way that is not good. (Proverbs 16, 29)

  • Whoever offers guarantees lacks sense and goes surety for a neighbour. (Proverbs 17, 18)

  • The soul of the wicked is intent on evil, to such a person no neighbour can ever do right. (Proverbs 21, 10)

  • Do not bear witness lightly against your neighbour, nor deceive with your lips. (Proverbs 24, 28)

  • Do not say, 'I will treat my neighbour as my neighbour treated me; I will repay everyone what each has earned.' (Proverbs 24, 29)

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