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  • He will then give rain for the seed you sow and make the harvest abundant from the crops you grow. On that day your cattle will graze in wide pastures. (Isaiah 30, 23)

  • Who are you mocking? At whom are you making faces, opening wide your mouth and sticking out your tongue? You are children of sin, offspring of deceit and falsehood, (Isaiah 57, 4)

  • You have set up your domestic idols behind your doorposts and your doors. Deserting me, you have uncovered your bed, climbed into it and spread it wide. You made a bargain with those whose bed you enjoy, and you had intercourse with them. (Isaiah 57, 8)

  • Yahweh Sabaoth says this: The wide ramparts of Babylon will be razed to the ground, her high gates burned down. The people's labor will go to naught; the nation's toil will end in fire." (Jeremiah 51, 58)

  • All your enemies open wide their mouths against you; they gnash their teeth, they hiss, they crow: "We have destroyed her! This is the day we have waited for; we have lived to see it happen." (Lamentations 2, 16)

  • Our foes have opened wide their mouths against us. (Lamentations 3, 46)

  • It is great and has no limits. It is lofty, wide and immeasurable. (Baruch 3, 25)

  • Thus says Yahweh: You shall drink your sister's cup which is deep and wide. You shall be the butt of derision and mockery: the cup holds so much! (Ezekiel 23, 32)

  • There were also four tables of dressed stone for burnt offerings, a cubit and a half long, a cubit and a half wide and a cubit high, on which all the things necessary for killing the burnt offering and the sacrifices were put. (Ezekiel 40, 42)

  • Beyond the rooms was an area twenty cubits wide right around the House. (Ezekiel 41, 10)

  • They were one hundred cubits long on the north side and fifty cubits wide. (Ezekiel 42, 2)

  • Here are the dimensions of the altar (in big cubits, each of a cubit plus a handbreadth). The base: one cubit high and one cubit wide. The ledge all around it: one span. This is the height of the altar: (Ezekiel 43, 13)

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