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  • Paul had decided to sail past Ephesus, so as not to lose time in Asia, for he was eager to reach Jerusalem by the day of Pentecost, if at all possible. (Acts 20, 16)

  • But when it was time, we departed and continued on our journey. All of them, wives and children included, came out of the city with us, and on the beach we knelt down and prayed. (Acts 21, 5)

  • So the next day Paul took the men; he purified himself with them and entered the Temple to give notice of what day the sacrifice would be offered for each of them to end his time of purification. (Acts 21, 26)

  • Are you not the Egyptian, then, who caused a riot some time ago and let a band of four thousand terrorists out into the desert?" Paul answered, (Acts 21, 38)

  • So as not to take more of your time, I beg you to listen briefly to us with your usual kindness. (Acts 24, 4)

  • But when Paul spoke about justice, self-control and the future judgment, Felix was frightened and he said to him: "You may leave now; I shall send for you some other time." (Acts 24, 25)

  • Since that time, King Agrippa, I did not stray from this heavenly vision; (Acts 26, 19)

  • Time passed and the crossing began to be dangerous: we had already celebrated the feast of the Fast. (Acts 27, 9)

  • They cast off the anchors and left them in the sea; at the same time, they loosened the ropes of the rudders, hoisted the foresail to the wind and headed for the beach. (Acts 27, 40)

  • Consider, moreover, the time that Christ died for us: when we were still sinners and unable to do anything. (Romans 5, 6)

  • and as sin caused death to reign, so grace will reign in its own time, and after making us just and friends of God, will bring us to eternal life through Jesus Christ, our Lord. (Romans 5, 21)

  • you see that I speak in a very human way, taking into account that you are not fully mature. There was a time when you let your members be slaves of impurity and disorder, walking in the way of sin; convert them now into servants of righteousness, to the point of becoming holy. (Romans 6, 19)

“Pobres e desafortunadas as almas que se envolvem no turbilhão de preocupações deste mundo. Quanto mais amam o mundo, mais suas paixões crescem, mais queimam de desejos, mais se tornam incapazes de atingir seus objetivos. E vêm, então, as inquietações, as impaciências e terríveis sofrimentos profundos, pois seus corações não palpitam com a caridade e o amor. Rezemos por essas almas desafortunadas e miseráveis, para que Jesus, em Sua infinita misericórdia, possa perdoá-las e conduzi-las a Ele.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina