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  • When they are about to enter the Tent of Meeting they must wash in water lest they die, and when they have to approach the altar for their service, to burn the offering burned in honor of Yahweh, (Exodus 30, 20)

  • With it you are to anoint the Tent of Meeting and the ark of the Statement, (Exodus 30, 26)

  • Crush a part of it into a fine powder, and put some of this in front of the ark of the Statement in the Tent of Meeting, the place appointed for my meetings with you. You must regard it as most holy. (Exodus 30, 36)

  • the Tent of Meeting; the ark of Statement and the mercy Seat that is on top of the ark, (Exodus 31, 7)

  • and all the furniture of the Holy Tent; the table and its furnishings; the pure lampstand and all its accessories; the altar of incense; (Exodus 31, 8)

  • Moses then took the Tent and pitched it for himself outside the camp, at a distance from it, and called it the Tent of Meeting. Whoever sought Yahweh would go out to the Tent of Meeting outside the camp. (Exodus 33, 7)

  • And when Moses went to the tent all the people would stand, each one at the entrance to his tent and keep looking towards Moses until he entered the tent. (Exodus 33, 8)

  • Now, as soon as Moses entered the tent, the pillar of cloud would come down and remain at the entrance to the tent, while Yahweh spoke with Moses. (Exodus 33, 9)

  • When all the people saw the pillar of cloud at the entrance to the tent, they would arise and worship, each one at the entrance to his own tent. (Exodus 33, 10)

  • Then Yahweh would speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks with his neighbor, and then Moses would return to the camp, but his servant Joshua, son of Nun, would not leave the tent. (Exodus 33, 11)

  • the Holy Tent, its tent and its covering, its hooks and its frames, its crossbars, its posts, and its bases; (Exodus 35, 11)

  • the altar of incense with its poles, the anointing oil, the fragrant incense, and the screen for the entrance to the Holy Tent; (Exodus 35, 15)

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