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  • Then the woman said, "Please allow me to say something to my lord the king." The king told her, "Speak." (2 Samuel 14, 12)

  • Now, if I have come to talk about this to my lord the king, it is because the people scared me and I thought, 'I will speak to the king; perhaps he will listen to me. (2 Samuel 14, 15)

  • Then the king said to the woman, "Do not hide anything from me when I question you." The woman replied, "Let my lord the king speak." (2 Samuel 14, 18)

  • When Hushai came before Absalom, Absalom asked him, "Ahitophel has given this advice. Shall we follow it? If not, you speak." (2 Samuel 17, 6)

  • Then a wise woman called out from the city, "Listen! Listen! Tell Joab to come here that I may speak to him." (2 Samuel 20, 16)

  • and added, "I have something to tell you." She said, "Speak" (1 Kings 2, 14)

  • Now I have one thing to ask of you and I beg you not to refuse me." She said, "Speak," (1 Kings 2, 16)

  • Bathsheba answered, "Very well, I shall speak to the king on your behalf." (1 Kings 2, 18)

  • So Bathsheba went to King Solomon to speak to him on behalf of Adonijah. The king met her and bowed to her. Then he sat on his throne and had a seat brought for the king's mother who sat on his right. (1 Kings 2, 19)

  • To this they replied, "If you attend to this people today making yourself their servant and speak to them with good words, they will serve you forever." (1 Kings 12, 7)

  • The king of Israel answered, "There is still one through whom we may ask for Yahweh's counsel; but I hate him, for he never prophesies good about me but only evil. It is Micaiah, son of Imlah." Then Jehoshaphat said, "Don't speak in this manner." (1 Kings 22, 8)

  • The official who went to summon Micaiah said to him, "Look here, all the prophets agree to foretell a happy end to the king. You too agree to speak favorably." (1 Kings 22, 13)

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