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  • Yahweh said to Moses, "Speak to the priests, sons of Aaron and tell them that not one of them shall make himself unclean for a dead person among his people (Leviticus 21, 1)

  • "Speak to the sons of Israel and say to them: You proclaim holy assemblies on the appointed feasts of Yahweh, which are these: (Leviticus 23, 2)

  • "Speak to the sons of Israel and say to them: When you enter the land that I will give you and you reap its harvest, you will bring to the priest a sheaf, the firstfruits of your harvest (Leviticus 23, 10)

  • "Speak to the sons of Israel and say to them: The first day of the seventh month shall be a day of rest for you, a sacred assembly proclaimed with trumpet call. (Leviticus 23, 24)

  • "Speak to the sons of Israel and say to them: The fifteenth day of this seventh month shall be the feast of Tents for Yahweh, lasting seven days. (Leviticus 23, 34)

  • "Speak to the Israelites and tell them: When you enter the land I am giving you, let the land rest for Yahweh every seventh year. (Leviticus 25, 2)

  • Yahweh spoke to Moses, "Speak to the people of Israel (Numbers 6, 1)

  • "Speak to Aaron and his sons and say to them: This is how you shall bless the people of Israel; you shall say: (Numbers 6, 23)

  • When Moses went into the Tent of Meeting to speak with Him, he heard the voice speaking to him from above the Mercy Seat which was on the Ark of the Covenant, from between the two cherubim. (Numbers 7, 89)

  • I shall come down to speak with you and I shall take some of the spirit that is in you and put it in them. From now on they will share with you the burden of the people so that no longer will you bear it alone. (Numbers 11, 17)

  • he said, "Listen carefully to what I say, If there is a prophet among you, I reveal myself to him in a vision and I speak to him in a dream. (Numbers 12, 6)

  • To him I speak face to face, openly, and not in riddles, and he sees the presence of Yahweh. Why then did you not fear to speak against my servant, against Moses?" (Numbers 12, 8)

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