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  • The Levites may begin their ministry in the Tent of Meeting when you have purified them and offered them with the gesture of offering. (Numbers 8, 15)

  • The Levites were then allowed to perform their ministry in the Tent of Meeting in the presence of Aaron and his sons. As Yahweh had ordered Moses concerning the Levites, so it was done to them. (Numbers 8, 22)

  • "This concerns the Levites. The Levite shall exercise his ministry and do his duties in the Tent of Meeting from the age of twenty-four onward. (Numbers 8, 24)

  • After the age of fifty, he is no longer bound to the ministry; he shall have no further duties; (Numbers 8, 25)

  • but he can still help his brothers to perform the services in the Tent of Meeting, though he himself will no longer have any ministry. See that this is the rule for the ministry of the Levites." (Numbers 8, 26)

  • They are to help you, they are to take charge of the Tent of Meeting for the entire ministry of the Tent, and no layman shall come near you. (Numbers 18, 4)

  • See, to the Levites I give as their inheritance all the tithes collected in Israel, in return for their services, for the ministry they render in the Tent of Meeting. (Numbers 18, 21)

  • These are the men who accomplished this ministry, and their sons: Of the clan of Kohath: Herman, the leader of the first choir, was the son of Joel. His ancestral line went back to Jacob as follows: Herman, Joel, Samuel, (1 Chronicles 6, 18)

  • There was also the organization of all their families for the whole assembly, since they were busy with the holy ministry. (2 Chronicles 31, 18)

  • A certain Alcimus, who had been High Priest before, but was disgraced during the time of the rebellion, realized that there was no way for him to be restored to the ministry at the sacred altar. (2 Maccabees 14, 3)

  • I will curse you for none of you takes his ministry seriously. Right now, I am going to break your arm, throw dung in your face, the very dung of your animals, and sweep you away with them. (Malachi 2, 3)

  • He was one of our number and had been called to share our common ministry. (Acts 1, 17)

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