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  • Moses set up the Holy Tent. He fixed the bases for it, put up its frames, put its crossbars in position, set up its posts. (Exodus 40, 18)

  • He spread the tent over the Holy Tent and on top of this the covering for the tent, as Yahweh had commanded Moses. (Exodus 40, 19)

  • He brought the ark into the Holy Tent and put the screening veil in place; thus he screened the ark of Yahweh, as Yahweh had commanded Moses. (Exodus 40, 21)

  • He placed the table in the Tent of Meeting, on the north side of the Holy Tent, outside the veil, (Exodus 40, 22)

  • He put the lampstand in the Tent of Meeting, opposite the table, on the southern side of the Holy Tent, (Exodus 40, 24)

  • Then he put the screen at the entrance to the Holy Tent. (Exodus 40, 28)

  • Moses then set up the court around the Holy Tent and the altar and placed the screen at the gateway to the court. Thus Moses completed the work. (Exodus 40, 33)

  • Then the cloud covered the Tent of Meeting and the Glory of Yahweh filled the Holy Tent. (Exodus 40, 34)

  • Moses could not enter the Tent of Meeting because of the cloud that rested on it and because of the Glory of Yahweh that filled the Holy Tent. (Exodus 40, 35)

  • At every stage of their journey, whenever the cloud rose from the Holy Tent the people of Israel would continue their march. (Exodus 40, 36)

  • For the cloud rested on the Holy Tent by day, and a fire shone within the cloud by night for all the House of Israel to see. And so it was for every stage of their journey. (Exodus 40, 38)

  • The remainder of the grain offering belongs to Aaron and his sons; this is a most holy share for it comes from the burnt offerings of Yahweh. (Leviticus 2, 3)

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