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  • May he grant you and your descendants the blessings of Abraham, so that you may take possession of the land where you live now, and that Yahweh gave to Abraham. (Genesis 28, 4)

  • because of the God of your father, your Helper! because of God Almighty who blesses you with blessings from heaven above, with blessings from the deep below! with blessings of the breast and the womb! (Genesis 49, 25)

  • The blessings of your father are greater than the blessings of the ancient mountains, the bounty of the everlasting hills! May they all rest on the head of Joseph, on the brow of the one who is a prince among his brothers! (Genesis 49, 26)

  • Think of all the blessings that Yahweh has bestowed on you in all our work and how he has been present in your journey through the desert. Yahweh has been with you for forty years, and never have you been in want. (Deuteronomy 2, 7)

  • It was then that Yahweh set apart the tribe of Levi to carry the Ark of the Covenant, to become his servants, to stand before the Lord, and to give blessings by calling on his name, as they do until this day. (Deuteronomy 10, 8)

  • The priests, descendants of Levi, shall be present for they were chosen by Yahweh to minister and give the blessings in his name, and they are those who decide on all lawsuits or criminal cases. (Deuteronomy 21, 5)

  • When you have crossed the Jordan River, the tribes of Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Joseph and Benjamin shall stand on Mount Gerizim to repeat the blessings over the people, (Deuteronomy 27, 12)

  • Then all these blessings shall reach you and come upon you for having obeyed the voice of Yahweh, your God: (Deuteronomy 28, 2)

  • He said to Joseph: "Your land has received the blessings of Yahweh, the dew from heaven and the waters that gush forth from the deep, (Deuteronomy 33, 13)

  • I said to myself, 'The Philistines will launch their attack against me before I get Yahweh's blessings and so I decided to offer the burnt offerings." (1 Samuel 13, 12)

  • Ragouel ran towards him and covered him with kisses, then in tears he blessed Tobias and said to him, "Blessings on you, you are the son of a good and worthy man!" (Tobit 7, 6)

  • Ragouel blessed the Lord saying, "May you be blessed, O Lord, with all pure and holy blessings. May the saints and all your creatures bless you. May all the angels and the elect bless you forever. (Tobit 8, 15)

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