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  • Yahweh said to Moses, "Assemble seventy men from the elders of Israel whom you recognize as elders and men of authority over them and bring them to the Tent of Meeting and let them take their stand there with you. (Numbers 11, 16)

  • "Take your rod and assemble the community, you and Aaron, your brother. In their presence command the rock to give forth water and you will make water gush from the rock for the community and their livestock to drink." (Numbers 20, 8)

  • Assemble the people - men, women and children, and the foreigner who lives in your cities - that they may listen to it, learn to fear Yahweh and take care to put into practice all the words of this Law. (Deuteronomy 31, 12)

  • Then Abner said to David, "I will now go and assemble all Israel for my master the king, that they may enter into an agreement with you, and that you may reign over all those you want to rule." (2 Samuel 3, 21)

  • The king said to Amasa, "Assemble all the men of Judah within three days; then come here to me." (2 Samuel 20, 4)

  • He then appointed generals to command the people, had them assemble in the square by the city gate and spoke as follows to encourage them, (2 Chronicles 32, 6)

  • A proclamation was made throughout Judah and Jerusalem that all who had returned from exile should assemble in Jerusalem, (Ezra 10, 7)

  • God inspired in me the idea to assemble the leaders, the counselors and the people to take a census. I found the registry book of the census of those who had returned from exile in the beginning. I found the following written in it: (Nehemiah 7, 5)

  • The king's edict granted the Jews in each city the right to assemble and defend themselves, to kill, destroy and wipe out any armed group of any nation or province that might attack them and their women and children, and to seize their goods as spoil. (Esther 8, 11)

  • The wicked will not stand when judgment comes, nor the sinners when the righteous assemble. (Psalms 1, 5)

  • when the peoples and the kingdoms assemble to worship him. (Psalms 102, 23)

  • When this news reached King Antiochus, he was furious, so he ordered all the forces of his kingdom to assemble, for he had a powerful army. (1 Maccabees 3, 27)

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