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  • But the earth was empty and unoccupied, and darknesses were over the face of the abyss; and so the Spirit of God was brought over the waters. (Genesis 1, 2)

  • But when Jacob had heard this, since his sons were absent and he was occupied in pasturing the cattle, he remained silent until they came back. (Genesis 34, 5)

  • While these things were going on, it happened that two eunuchs, the cupbearer of the king of Egypt, and the miller of grain, offended their lord. (Genesis 40, 1)

  • And Pharaoh, being angry with them, (now the one was in charge of the cupbearers, the other of the millers of grain) (Genesis 40, 2)

  • The chief cupbearer explained his dream first. “I saw before me a vine, (Genesis 40, 9)

  • And the cup of Pharaoh was in my hand. Therefore, I took the grapes, and I pressed them into the cup that I held, and I handed the cup to Pharaoh.” (Genesis 40, 11)

  • after which Pharaoh will remember your service, and he will restore you to your former position. And you will give him the cup according to your office, as you were accustomed to do before. (Genesis 40, 13)

  • The third day thereafter was the birthday of Pharaoh. And making a great feast for his servants, he remembered, during the banquet, the chief cupbearer and the chief miller of grain. (Genesis 40, 20)

  • And he restored the one to his place, to present him the cup; (Genesis 40, 21)

  • And although he advanced with so much prosperity, the chief cupbearer forgot his interpreter of dreams. (Genesis 40, 23)

  • Then at last the chief cupbearer, remembering, said, “I confess my sin. (Genesis 41, 9)

  • The cup that you have stolen, it is that from which my lord drinks, and in which he is accustomed to discern signs. You have done a very sinful thing.’ ” (Genesis 44, 5)

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