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  • He also took the wood for the holocaust, and he imposed it upon his son Isaac. And he himself carried in his hands fire and a sword. And as the two continued on together, (Genesis 22, 6)

  • But Abraham said, “God himself will provide the victim for the holocaust, my son.” Thus they continued on together. (Genesis 22, 8)

  • And he took ten camels from his lord’s herd, and he went forth, carrying with him things from all of his goods. And he set out, and continued on, to the city of Nahor, in Mesopotamia. (Genesis 24, 10)

  • And she continued, saying, “There is very much straw and hay with us, and a spacious place to stay.” (Genesis 24, 25)

  • And the man was enriched, and he continued prospering as well as increasing, until he became very great. (Genesis 26, 13)

  • Meanwhile Jacob, having departed from Beersheba, continued on to Haran. (Genesis 28, 10)

  • Likewise, Jacob continued on the journey that he had begun. And the Angels of God met him. (Genesis 32, 1)

  • And the man said to him: “They have withdrawn from this place. But I heard them saying, ‘Let us go to Dothan.’ ” Therefore, Joseph continued on after his brothers, and he found them at Dothan. (Genesis 37, 17)

  • But the sons of Israel continued directly through the midst of the dried sea, and the waters were to them like a wall on the right and on the left. (Exodus 14, 29)

  • And the elders of Moab, and those greater by birth of Midian, continued on, holding the price of divination in their hands. And when they had come to Balaam, and had explained to him all the words of Balak, (Numbers 22, 7)

  • Therefore, they continued on together, and they arrived at a city, which was at the furthest borders of his kingdom. (Numbers 22, 39)

  • Moreover, the sons of Machir, the son of Manasseh, continued on within Gilead, and they devastated it, putting to death its inhabitant, the Amorite. (Numbers 32, 39)

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