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  • "If a man had a burn on his skin, and the proud flesh of the burn now becomes a pink or a white blotch, (Leviticus 12, 24)

  • You are thinking, 'See, I have beaten Edom!', and thus ambition makes you proud. Remain at home. Why involve yourself, and Judah with you, in misfortune and failure?" (2 Chronicles 25, 19)

  • But after he had become strong, he became proud to his own destruction and broke faith with the LORD, his God. He entered the temple of the LORD to make an offering on the altar of incense. (2 Chronicles 26, 16)

  • Hezekiah, however, did not then discharge his debt of gratitude, for he had become proud. Therefore anger descended upon him and upon Judah and Jerusalem. (2 Chronicles 32, 25)

  • The proud beasts have not trodden it, nor has the lion gone that way. (Job 28, 8)

  • And said: Thus far shall you come but no farther, and here shall your proud waves be stilled! (Job 38, 11)

  • All, however lofty, fear him; he is king over all proud beasts. (Job 41, 26)

  • My ravenous enemies press upon me; they close their hearts, they fill their mouths with proud roaring. (Psalms 17, 10)

  • Strike dumb their lying lips, proud lips that attack the just in contempt and scorn. (Psalms 31, 19)

  • Do not let the foot of the proud overtake me, nor the hand of the wicked disturb me. (Psalms 36, 12)

  • Rise up, judge of the earth; give the proud what they deserve. (Psalms 94, 2)

  • With a curse you rebuke the proud who stray from your commands. (Psalms 119, 21)

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