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  • But God will redeem my life, will take me from the power of Sheol. Selah (Psalms 49, 16)

  • The heavens proclaim divine justice, for God alone is the judge. Selah (Psalms 50, 6)

  • You love evil rather than good, lies rather than honest speech. Selah (Psalms 52, 5)

  • Now God will strike you down, leave you crushed forever, Pluck you from your tent, uproot you from the land of the living. Selah (Psalms 52, 7)

  • The arrogant have risen against me; the ruthless seek my life; they do not keep God before them. Selah (Psalms 54, 5)

  • Far away I would flee; I would stay in the desert. Selah (Psalms 55, 8)

  • May God send help from heaven to save me, shame those who trample upon me. May God send fidelity and love. Selah (Psalms 57, 4)

  • They have set a trap for my feet; my soul is bowed down; They have dug a pit before me. May they fall into it themselves! Selah (Psalms 57, 7)

  • You, LORD of hosts, are the God of Israel! Awake! Punish all the nations. Have no mercy on these worthless traitors. Selah (Psalms 59, 6)

  • destroy them in anger, destroy till they are no more. Then people will know God rules over Jacob, yes, even to the ends of the earth. Selah (Psalms 59, 14)

  • Raise up a flag for those who revere you, a refuge for them out of bow shot. Selah (Psalms 60, 6)

  • Then I will ever dwell in your tent, take refuge in the shelter of your wings. Selah (Psalms 61, 5)

“Devo fazer somente a vontade de Deus e, se lhe agrado, o restante não conta.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina