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  • Abram put his faith in Yahweh and this was reckoned to him as uprightness. (Genesis 15, 6)

  • But be sure to remember me when things go well with you, and keep faith with me by kindly reminding Pharaoh about me, to get me out of this house. (Genesis 40, 14)

  • When Israel saw the mighty deed that Yahweh had performed against the Egyptians, the people revered Yahweh and put their faith in Yahweh and in Moses, his servant. (Exodus 14, 31)

  • If she does not please her master who intended her for himself, he must let her be bought back: he has not the right to sell her to foreigners, for this would be a breach of faith with her. (Exodus 21, 8)

  • 'Speak to the Israelites: "If a man or woman commits any of the sins by which people break faith with Yahweh, that person incurs guilt. (Numbers 5, 6)

  • But for all this, you put no faith in Yahweh your God, (Deuteronomy 1, 32)

  • Because, with the other Israelites, you broke faith with me at the Waters of Meribah-Kadesh in the desert of Zin, because you did not make my holiness clear to the Israelites; (Deuteronomy 32, 51)

  • And the thorn bush replied to the trees, 'If you are anointing me in good faith to be your king, come and shelter in my shade. But, if not, fire will come out of the thorn bush and devour the cedars of Lebanon.' (Judges 9, 15)

  • 'Now then, if you have acted in sincerity and good faith in making Abimelech king, if you have dealt honourably with Jerubbaal and his family, and have treated him as his actions deserved, (Judges 9, 16)

  • if, I say, you have acted in sincerity and good faith towards Jerubbaal and his family, then may Abimelech be your joy and may you be his! (Judges 9, 19)

  • Saul was informed, 'The people are sinning against Yahweh by eating with the blood!' He said, 'You have not kept faith! Roll me a large stone here!' (1 Samuel 14, 33)

  • But they would not listen, they were as stubborn as their ancestors, who had no faith in Yahweh their God. (2 Kings 17, 14)

“Devo fazer somente a vontade de Deus e, se lhe agrado, o restante não conta.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina