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  • "The priest will then bring the woman forward and place her before Yahweh. (Numbers 5, 16)

  • On the eighth day, he will bring two turtledoves or two young pigeons to the priest, at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting. (Numbers 6, 10)

  • he will vow himself to Yahweh for the period of his nazirate, and will bring a male yearling lamb as a sacrifice of reparation. The time already spent will not count, since his hair had become unclean. (Numbers 6, 12)

  • May Yahweh show you his face and bring you peace." (Numbers 6, 26)

  • and Yahweh said to Moses, 'Each day one of the leaders must bring his offering for the dedication of the altar.' (Numbers 7, 11)

  • You will then bring the Levites in front of the Tent of Meeting, and assemble the whole community of Israelites. (Numbers 8, 9)

  • Yahweh said to Moses, 'Collect me seventy of the elders of Israel, men you know to be the people's elders and scribes. Bring them to the Tent of Meeting, and let them stand beside you there. (Numbers 11, 16)

  • what sort of land it is, fertile or barren, wooded or open. Be bold, and bring back some of the country's produce.' It was the season for early grapes. (Numbers 13, 20)

  • "Yahweh was not able to bring this people into the country which he had sworn to give them, and so he has slaughtered them in the desert." (Numbers 14, 16)

  • However, since my servant Caleb is of another spirit and since he has obeyed me completely, I shall bring him into the country where he has been, and his descendants will own it (Numbers 14, 24)

  • Your children, who you said would be seized as booty, will be the ones whom I shall bring in so that they get to know the country you disdained, (Numbers 14, 31)

  • the offerer will, as his personal gift to Yahweh, bring a cereal offering of one-tenth of an ephah of fine flour mixed with one-quarter of a hin of oil. (Numbers 15, 4)

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