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  • followed the Israelite into the alcove, and there ran them both through, the Israelite and the woman, through the stomach. Thus the plague which had struck the Israelites was arrested. (Numbers 25, 8)

  • 'This is what is due to the priests from the people, from those who offer an ox or a sheep in sacrifice: the priest must be given the shoulder, the cheeks and the stomach. (Deuteronomy 18, 3)

  • My stomach seethes, is never still, days of suffering have struck me. (Job 30, 27)

  • but what strength he has in his loins, what power in his stomach muscles! (Job 40, 16)

  • From the fruit of the mouth is a stomach filled, it is the yield of the lips that gives contentment. (Proverbs 18, 20)

  • The stomach takes in all kinds of food, but some foods are better than others. (Ecclesiasticus 36, 18)

  • In the pit of my stomach how great my agony! Walls of my heart! My heart is throbbing! I cannot keep quiet, for I have heard the trumpet call, the battle cry. (Jeremiah 4, 19)

  • This is how you have been behaving with the daughters of Israel, and they have been too frightened to resist; but here is a daughter of Judah who could not stomach your wickedness! (Daniel 13, 57)

  • Can't you see that whatever goes into the mouth passes through the stomach and is discharged into the sewer? (Matthew 15, 17)

  • because it goes not into the heart but into the stomach and passes into the sewer? (Mark 7, 19)

  • Foods are for the stomach, and the stomach is for foods; and God will destroy them both. But the body is not for sexual immorality; (1 Corinthians 6, 13)

  • They are destined to be lost; their god is the stomach; they glory in what they should think shameful, since their minds are set on earthly things. (Philippians 3, 19)

“O Senhor sempre orienta e chama; mas não se quer segui-lo e responder-lhe, pois só se vê os próprios interesses. Às vezes, pelo fato de se ouvir sempre a Sua voz, ninguém mais se apercebe dela; mas o Senhor ilumina e chama. São os homens que se colocam na posição de não conseguir mais escutar.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina