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  • all the men between thirty and fifty years of age, eligible for religious duties and for those of transporting the Tent of Meeting (Numbers 4, 47)

  • They allocated them by lot, both alike, there being religious officials and officials of God among the sons of Eleazar, as among the sons of Ithamar. (1 Chronicles 24, 5)

  • For the liturgy, David and the religious officials selected the sons of Asaph, of Heman and of Jeduthun, who were to prophesy to the accompaniment of harps, lyres and cymbals. The list of ministrants for this service was as follows: (1 Chronicles 25, 1)

  • Amariah the chief priest himself will be your president in all religious cases, and Zebadiah son of Ishmael, leader of the House of Judah, in all civil ones, while the Levites will act as officers of the court. Be firm, put this into practice and may Yahweh protect the right!' (2 Chronicles 19, 11)

  • So Paul stood before the whole council of the Areopagus and made this speech: 'Men of Athens, I have seen for myself how extremely scrupulous you are in all religious matters, (Acts 17, 22)

  • as for religious fervour, I was a persecutor of the Church; as for the uprightness embodied in the Law, I was faultless. (Philippians 3, 6)

  • their adornment is to do the good works that are proper for women who claim to be religious. (1 Timothy 2, 10)

  • But, as someone dedicated to God, avoid all that. You must aim to be upright and religious, filled with faith and love, perseverance and gentleness. (1 Timothy 6, 11)

  • Similarly, older women should behave as befits religious people, with no scandal-mongering and no addiction to wine -- they must be the teachers of right behaviour (Titus 2, 3)

  • it has taught us that we should give up everything contrary to true religion and all our worldly passions; we must be self-restrained and live upright and religious lives in this present world, (Titus 2, 12)

  • Nobody who fails to keep a tight rein on the tongue can claim to be religious; this is mere self-deception; that person's religion is worthless. (James 1, 26)

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