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  • let the heavens rejoice and earth be glad! Say among the nations, 'Yahweh is king!' (1 Chronicles 16, 31)

  • You are blessed for having made me glad. What I feared has not happened, instead you have shown us your boundless mercy. (Tobit 8, 16)

  • They would be glad to see the grave-mound and shout with joy if they reached the tomb. (Job 3, 22)

  • but none of them thinks of saying, 'Where is God, my Maker, who makes glad songs ring out at night, (Job 35, 10)

  • The humble have seen and are glad. Let your courage revive, you who seek God. (Psalms 69, 32)

  • Let the heavens rejoice and earth be glad! Let the sea thunder, and all it holds! (Psalms 96, 11)

  • Yahweh is king! Let earth rejoice, the many isles be glad! (Psalms 97, 1)

  • Zion hears and is glad, the daughters of Judah exult, because of your judgements, Yahweh. (Psalms 97, 8)

  • Egypt was glad at their leaving, for terror of Israel had seized them. (Psalms 105, 38)

  • This is the day which Yahweh has made, a day for us to rejoice and be glad. (Psalms 118, 24)

  • comparable to the exacting task of someone organising a banquet, whose aim is to satisfy a variety of tastes. Nevertheless, for the sake of rendering a general service, we remain glad to endure this drudgery, (2 Maccabees 2, 27)

  • He for his part, just before he died under the blows, gave a sigh and said, 'The Lord whose knowledge is holy sees clearly that, though I might have escaped death, from awe of him I gladly endure these agonies of body under the lash, and that in my soul I am glad to suffer.' (2 Maccabees 6, 30)

“Tenhamos sempre horror ao pecado mortal e nunca deixemos de caminhar na estrada da santa eternidade.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina