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  • He rebuketh also by sorrow in the bed, and he maketh all his bones to wither. (Job 33, 19)

  • Behold he hath been in labour with injustice; he hath conceived sorrow, and brought forth iniquity. (Psalms 7, 15)

  • His sorrow shall be turned on his own head: and his iniquity shall comedown upon his crown. (Psalms 7, 17)

  • His mouth is full of cursing, and of bitterness, and of deceit: under his tongue are labour and sorrow. (Psalms 10, 7)

  • Thou seest it, for thou considerest labour and sorrow: that thou mayst deliver them into thy hands. To thee is the poor man left: thou wilt be a helper to the orphan. (Psalms 10, 14)

  • How long shall I take counsels in my soul, sorrow in my heart all the day? (Psalms 12, 2)

  • For I am ready for scourges : and my sorrow is continually before me. (Psalms 37, 18)

  • I was dumb, and was humbled, and kept silence from good things : and my sorrow was renewed. (Psalms 38, 3)

  • The Lord help him on his bed of sorrow : thou hast turned all his couch in his sickness. (Psalms 40, 4)

  • Thou hast shewn thy people hard things; thou hast made us drink wine of sorrow. (Psalms 59, 5)

  • the days of our years in them are threescore and ten years. But if in the strong they be fourscore years: and what is more of them is labour and sorrow. For mildness is come upon us: and we shall be corrected. (Psalms 89, 10)

  • Then they were brought to be few: and they were afflicted through the trouble of evils and sorrow. (Psalms 106, 39)

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