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  • He found him in a desert land, in a place of horror, and of vast wilderness: he led him about, and taught him: and he kept him as the apple of his eye. (Deuteronomy 32, 10)

  • Because you trespassed against me in the midst of the children of Israel, at the waters of contradiction in Cades of the desert of Sin: and you did not sanctify me among the children of Israel. (Deuteronomy 32, 51)

  • From the desert and from Libanus unto the great river Euphrates, all the land of the Hethites unto the great sea toward the going; down of the sun, shall be your border. (Joshua 1, 4)

  • Now this is the cause of the second circumcision: All the people that came out of Egypt that were males, all the men fit for war, died in the desert, during the time of the long going about in the way. (Joshua 5, 4)

  • Now these were all circumcised. But the people that were born in the desert, (Joshua 5, 5)

  • And when the king of Hai saw this, he made haste in the morning, and went out with all the army of the city, and set it in battle array toward the desert, not knowing that there lay an ambush behind his back. (Joshua 8, 14)

  • Now the lot of the children of Juda by their kindreds was this: From the frontier of Edom, to the desert of Sin southward, and to the uttermost part of the south coast. (Joshua 15, 1)

  • In the desert Betharaba, Meddin and Sachacha, (Joshua 15, 61)

  • And he said to them: When the Lord therefore shall have delivered Zebee and Salmana into my hands, I will thresh your flesh with the thorns and briers of the desert. (Judges 8, 7)

  • So he took the ancients of the city and thorns and briers of the desert, and tore them with the same, and cut in pieces the men of Soccoth. (Judges 8, 16)

  • But when they came up out of Egypt, he walked through the desert to the Red Sea and came into Cades. (Judges 11, 16)

  • And began to go towards the way of the desert, the enemy pursuing them thither also. And they that fired the city came also out to meet them. (Judges 20, 42)

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