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  • It lasted for more than one year, and when the two years were over and his last hour had come, he died in great pain. The people did not light a bonfire in mourning for him as they had for his father. (2 Chronicles 21, 19)

  • You guided them by day with a pillar of cloud, and by night with a pillar of fire to light for them the way they should follow. (Nehemiah 9, 12)

  • "why did I let you go, light of my eyes!" (Tobit 10, 5)

  • Rub his eyes with the fish gall and when he feels his eyes itching, he will rub them and the film will come away like scales from his eyes. He will regain his sight and see the light." (Tobit 11, 8)

  • The very day that you bury your mother here beside me, do not stay overnight in this place. I know that the people here commit many injustices and practice great treachery and no one is ashamed of doing so. You see what Nadab did to Ahikar my nephew who had brought him up. He buried him alive. But God punished Nadab by exposing his injustice. He brought Ahikar into the light and sent Nadab down into eternal darkness, because he had tried to kill him. Because he gave alms, Ahikar was delivered from the death planned for him by Nadab. Instead, Nadab fell into the trap and perished. (Tobit 14, 10)

  • the little spring that became a river, the light, the sun and the flood of water. Esther is the river, whom the king married and made queen. (Esther 10, 6)

  • Light came as the sun rose, and the humble were raised up and they devoured the mighty. (Esther 11, 11)

  • May that day be dark, may God on high ignore it. May no light shine upon it. (Job 3, 4)

  • May the shadow of death claim it as its own. May a cloud settle over it; may blackness obstruct its light. (Job 3, 5)

  • Let it be cursed by those who hate the light, sorcerers who call on the Devil. (Job 3, 8)

  • Let its morning stars no longer shine; let it wait for light in vain and never see the first rays of dawn, (Job 3, 9)

  • Why was I not stillborn, like others who did not see the light of morn? (Job 3, 16)

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