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  • and will call forth amazement, reproach and barbed scorn from all the nations to which the LORD will lead you. (Deuteronomy 28, 37)

  • This is the word the LORD has spoken concerning him: " 'She despises you, laughs you to scorn, the virgin daughter Zion! Behind you she wags her head, daughter Jerusalem. (2 Kings 19, 21)

  • It would be a disgrace for us to have such a woman with us without enjoying her company. If we do not entice her, she will laugh us to scorn." (Judith 12, 12)

  • Because I feared the noisy multitude and the scorn of the tribes terrified me- then I should have remained silent, and not come out of doors! (Job 31, 34)

  • The wicked even boast of their greed; these robbers curse and scorn the LORD. (Psalms 10, 3)

  • Why should the wicked scorn God, say in their hearts, "God doesn't care"? (Psalms 10, 13)

  • To all my foes I am a thing of scorn, to my neighbors, a dreaded sight, a horror to my friends. When they see me in the street, they quickly shy away. (Psalms 31, 12)

  • Strike dumb their lying lips, proud lips that attack the just in contempt and scorn. (Psalms 31, 19)

  • You make us the reproach of our neighbors, the mockery and scorn of those around us. (Psalms 44, 14)

  • Because zeal for your house consumes me, I am scorned by those who scorn you. (Psalms 69, 10)

  • I have wept and fasted, but this led only to scorn. (Psalms 69, 11)

  • Bring to a shameful end those who attack me; Cover with contempt and scorn those who seek my ruin. (Psalms 71, 13)

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