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  • The king sent with him Zadok the priest, Nathan the prophet, Benaiah, son of Jehoiada, and the Cherethites and Pelethites, and they mounted him upon the king's own mule. (1 Kings 1, 44)

  • Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet anointed him king at Gihon, and they went up from there rejoicing, so that the city is in an uproar. That is the noise you heard. (1 Kings 1, 45)

  • At that time Jeroboam left Jerusalem, and the prophet Ahijah the Shilonite met him on the road. The two were alone in the area, and the prophet was wearing a new cloak. (1 Kings 11, 29)

  • There was an old prophet living in the city, whose sons came and told him all that the man of God had done that day in Bethel. When they repeated to their father the words he had spoken to the king, (1 Kings 13, 11)

  • But he said to him, "I, too, am a prophet like you, and an angel told me in the word of the LORD to bring you back with me to my house and to have you eat bread and drink water." He was lying to him, however. (1 Kings 13, 18)

  • But while they were sitting at table, the LORD spoke to the prophet who had brought him back, (1 Kings 13, 20)

  • Some passers-by saw the body lying in the road, with the lion standing beside it, and carried the news to the city where the old prophet lived. (1 Kings 13, 25)

  • On hearing it, the prophet who had brought him back from his journey said: "It is the man of God who rebelled against the command of the LORD. He has delivered him to a lion, which mangled and killed him, as the LORD predicted to him." (1 Kings 13, 26)

  • The prophet lifted up the body of the man of God and put it on the ass, and brought it back to the city to mourn over it and to bury it. (1 Kings 13, 29)

  • So Jeroboam said to his wife, "Get ready and disguise yourself so that none will recognize you as Jeroboam's wife. Then go to Shiloh, where you will find the prophet Ahijah. It was he who predicted my reign over this people. (1 Kings 14, 2)

  • He was buried with all Israel mourning him, as the LORD had prophesied through his servant the prophet Ahijah. (1 Kings 14, 18)

  • (Through the prophet Jehu, son of Hanani, the LORD had threatened Baasha and his house, because of all the evil Baasha did in the sight of the LORD, provoking him to anger by his evil deeds, so that he became like the house of Jeroboam; and because he killed Nadab.) (1 Kings 16, 7)

“Menosprezai vossas tentações e não vos demoreis nelas. Imaginai estar na presença de Jesus. O crucificado se lança em vossos braços e mora no vosso coração. Beijai-Lhe a chaga do lado, dizendo: ‘Aqui está minha esperança; a fonte viva da minha felicidade. Seguro-vos, ó Jesus, e não me aparto de vós, até que me tenhais posto a salvo’”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina