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  • "Tell the Israelites to take up a collection for me. From every man you shall accept the contribution that his heart prompts him to give me. (Exodus 25, 2)

  • Such things are due to Aaron and his sons from the Israelites by a perpetual ordinance as a contribution. From their peace offerings, too, the Israelites shall make a contribution, their contribution to the LORD. (Exodus 29, 28)

  • Everyone who enters the registered group must pay a half-shekel, according to the standard of the sanctuary shekel, twenty gerahs to the shekel. This payment of a half-shekel is a contribution to the LORD. (Exodus 30, 13)

  • Everyone of twenty years or more who enters the registered group must give this contribution to the LORD. (Exodus 30, 14)

  • The rich need not give more, nor shall the poor give less, than a half-shekel in this contribution to the LORD to pay the forfeit for their lives. (Exodus 30, 15)

  • Take up among you a collection for the LORD. Everyone, as his heart prompts him, shall bring, as a contribution to the LORD, gold, silver and bronze; (Exodus 35, 5)

  • everyone, as his heart suggested and his spirit prompted, brought a contribution to the LORD for the construction of the meeting tent, for all its services, and for the sacred vestments. (Exodus 35, 21)

  • Whoever could make a contribution of silver or bronze offered it to the LORD; and everyone who happened to have acacia wood for any part of the work, brought it. (Exodus 35, 24)

  • From each of his offerings he shall present one portion as a contribution to the LORD; this shall belong to the priest who splashes the blood of the peace offering. (Leviticus 6, 14)

  • for from the peace offerings of the Israelites I have taken the breast that is waved and the leg that is raised up, and I have given them to Aaron, the priest, and to his sons by a perpetual ordinance as a contribution from the Israelites." (Leviticus 6, 34)

  • Likewise, every sacred contribution that the Israelites are bound to make shall fall to the priest. (Numbers 5, 9)

  • and begin to eat of the food of that land, you shall offer the LORD a contribution (Numbers 15, 19)

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