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  • 'Even if Balak gave me his house full of silver and gold, I could not of my own accord to anything, good or evil, contrary to the command of the LORD'? Whatever the LORD says I must repeat. (Numbers 24, 13)

  • If the homicide of his own accord leaves the bounds of the city of asylum where he has taken refuge, (Numbers 35, 26)

  • Before him there had been no king who turned to the LORD as he did, with his whole heart, his whole soul, and his whole strength, in accord with the entire law of Moses; nor could any after him compare with him. (2 Kings 23, 25)

  • The altar, too, they draped in sackcloth; and with one accord they cried out fervently to the God of Israel not to allow their children to be seized, their wives to be taken captive, the cities of their inheritance to be ruined, or the sanctuary to be profaned and mocked for the nations to gloat over. (Judith 4, 12)

  • All in the assembly with one accord broke into shrill wailing and loud cries to the Lord their God. (Judith 7, 29)

  • All the people were greatly astonished. They bowed down and worshiped God, saying with one accord, "Blessed are you, our God, who today have brought to nought the enemies of your people." (Judith 13, 17)

  • On hearing this, all the Israelites, with one accord, attacked them and cut them down as far as Choba. Even those from Jerusalem and the rest of the mountain region took part in this, for they too had been notified of the happenings in the camp of their enemies. The Gileadites and the Galileans struck the enemy's flanks with great slaughter, even beyond Damascus and its territory. (Judith 15, 5)

  • When they had visited her, all with one accord blessed her, saying: "You are the glory of Jerusalem, the surpassing joy of Israel; You are the splendid boast of our people. (Judith 15, 9)

  • I will bring my knowledge from afar, and to my Maker I will accord the right. (Job 36, 3)

  • I lie prostrate in the dust; give me life in accord with your word. (Psalms 119, 25)

  • I weep in bitter pain; in accord with your word to strengthen me. (Psalms 119, 28)

  • Let your love come to me, LORD, salvation in accord with your promise. (Psalms 119, 41)

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