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  • Dan shall be a serpent in the way, a viper by the path, that bites the horse's heels so that his rider falls backward. (Genesis 49, 17)

  • Then the angel of the LORD stood in a narrow path between the vineyards, with a wall on either side. (Numbers 22, 24)

  • May God grant this to be a perpetual honor to you, and may he visit you with blessings, because you did not spare your own life when our nation was brought low, but have avenged our ruin, walking in the straight path before our God." And all the people said, "So be it, so be it!" (Judith 13, 20)

  • Fear and trembling came over them, so that they did not wait for one another, but with one impulse all rushed out and fled by every path across the plain and through the hill country. (Judith 15, 2)

  • A rope is hid for him in the ground, a trap for him in the path. (Job 18, 10)

  • "That path no bird of prey knows, and the falcon's eye has not seen it. (Job 28, 7)

  • They break up my path, they promote my calamity; no one restrains them. (Job 30, 13)

  • Thou dost show me the path of life; in thy presence there is fulness of joy, in thy right hand are pleasures for evermore. (Psalms 16, 11)

  • Teach me thy way, O LORD; and lead me on a level path because of my enemies. (Psalms 27, 11)

  • Thy way was through the sea, thy path through the great waters; yet thy footprints were unseen. (Psalms 77, 19)

  • He made a path for his anger; he did not spare them from death, but gave their lives over to the plague. (Psalms 78, 50)

  • Lead me in the path of thy commandments, for I delight in it. (Psalms 119, 35)

“Sigamos o caminho que nos conduz a Deus.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina