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  • So Gideon took the people down to the waterside, and Yahweh said to him, 'All those who lap the water with their tongues, as a dog laps, put these on one side. And all those who kneel down to drink, put these on the other side.' (Judges 7, 5)

  • Then they said to one another, 'We are doing wrong. This is a day of good news, yet we are holding our tongues! If we wait till morning, we shall certainly be punished. Come on, let us go and take the news to the palace.' (2 Kings 7, 9)

  • the voices of rulers were silenced, and their tongues stayed still in their mouths. (Job 29, 10)

  • Not a word from their lips can be trusted, through and through they are destruction, their throats are wide -- open graves, their tongues seductive. (Psalms 5, 9)

  • Safe in your presence you hide them, far from human plotting, shielding them in your tent, far from contentious tongues. (Psalms 31, 20)

  • destructive tempest, Lord, from the flood of their tongues. For I see violence and strife in the city, (Psalms 55, 9)

  • They sharpen their tongues like a sword, aim their arrows of poisonous abuse, (Psalms 64, 3)

  • so that you may bathe your feet in blood, and the tongues of your dogs feast on your enemies.' (Psalms 68, 23)

  • They tried to hoodwink him with their mouths, their tongues were deceitful towards him; (Psalms 78, 36)

  • their tongues as barbed as a serpent's, viper's venom behind their lips.Pause (Psalms 140, 3)

  • for Wisdom opened the mouths of the dumb and made eloquent the tongues of babes. (Wisdom of Solomon 10, 21)

  • those who eat my bread have malicious tongues.' How often he will be laughed at, and by how many! (Ecclesiasticus 20, 17)

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