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  • Naphtali is a swift hind bearing lovely fawns. (Genesis 49, 21)

  • who makes me as swift as a deer and sets me firmly on the heights, (2 Samuel 22, 34)

  • who makes me as swift as a deer and sets me firmly on the heights, (Psalms 18, 33)

  • as he has promised in the Law, will surely, as our hope is in him, be swift to show us mercy and gather us together from everywhere under heaven to the holy place, since he has rescued us from great evils and has purified it.' (2 Maccabees 2, 18)

  • Indeed, when evil-doers are not left for long to their own devices but incur swift retribution, it is a sign of great benevolence. (2 Maccabees 6, 13)

  • Fire, however, or wind, or the swift air, the sphere of the stars, impetuous water, heaven's lamps, are what they have held to be the gods who govern the world. (Wisdom of Solomon 13, 2)

  • When peaceful silence lay over all, and night had run the half of her swift course, (Wisdom of Solomon 18, 14)

  • But cloud brings swift healing, and dew brings joy after the heat. (Ecclesiasticus 43, 22)

  • He hoists a signal for a distant nation, he whistles them up from the ends of the earth; and see how swift, how fleet they come! (Isaiah 5, 26)

  • who send ambassadors by sea, in little reed-boats across the waters! Go, swift messengers to a nation tall and bronzed, to a people feared far and near, a mighty and masterful nation whose country is criss-crossed with rivers. (Isaiah 18, 2)

  • Proclamation about Egypt: Look! Yahweh, riding a swift cloud, is coming to Egypt. The false gods of Egypt totter before him and Egypt's heart quails within her. (Isaiah 19, 1)

  • "No," you said, "we shall flee on horses." And so flee you will! And again, "We shall ride on swift ones." And so your pursuers will be swift! (Isaiah 30, 16)

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