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  • How fair your tents are, Jacob, how fair your dwellings, Israel, (Numbers 24, 5)

  • At that same time I told your judges, "You must give your brothers a fair hearing and see justice done between one person and his brother or the foreigner living with him. (Deuteronomy 1, 16)

  • 'That is a fair demand,' Shimei replied to the king, 'your servant will do as my lord the king orders.' And for a long time Shimei lived in Jerusalem. (1 Kings 2, 38)

  • The king had Shimei summoned to him. 'Did I not make you swear by Yahweh,' he said, 'and did I not warn you, "The day you leave to go anywhere at all, be sure you will certainly die"? To which you replied, "That is a fair demand." (1 Kings 2, 42)

  • They replied, 'If you become the servant of this people today, and submit to them and give them a fair reply, then they will remain your servants for ever.' (1 Kings 12, 7)

  • They replied, 'If you are fair to these people, pleasant to them and give them a fair reply, they will remain your servants for ever.' (2 Chronicles 10, 7)

  • 'My son, take your children and hurry away to Media, since I believe the word of God pronounced over Nineveh by Nahum. Everything will come true, everything happen that the emissaries of God, the prophets of Israel, have predicted against Assyria and Nineveh; not one of their words will prove empty. It will all take place in due time. you will be safer in Media than in Assyria or in Babylonia. Since I for my part know and believe that everything God has said will come true; so it will be, and not a word of the prophecies will fail. 'A census will be taken of our brothers living in the land of Israel and they will be exiled far from their own fair country. The entire territory of Israel will become a desert, and Samaria and Jerusalem will become a desert, and the house of God for a time, will be laid wasted and burnt. (Tobit 14, 4)

  • Fair comment can be borne without resentment, but what are your strictures aimed at? (Job 6, 25)

  • Uprightness I wore as a garment, fair judgement was my cloak and my turban. (Job 29, 14)

  • Great age does not give wisdom, nor seniority fair judgement. (Job 32, 9)

  • Job has been saying, 'I am upright and God denies me fair judgement. (Job 34, 5)

  • Could an enemy of fair judgement ever govern? Would you dare condemn the Upright One, the Almighty, (Job 34, 17)

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