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  • Do not long for a brood of worthless children, and do not take pleasure in godless sons. (Ecclesiasticus 16, 1)

  • Do not count on their having long life, do not put too much faith in their number; for better have one than a thousand, better die childless than have children who are godless. (Ecclesiasticus 16, 3)

  • When the godless curses Satan, he is cursing himself. (Ecclesiasticus 21, 27)

  • The Most High takes no pleasure in offerings from the godless, multiplying sacrifices will not gain pardon for sin. (Ecclesiasticus 34, 19)

  • Wild animals' fangs, scorpions, vipers, the avenging sword for the ruin of the godless: (Ecclesiasticus 39, 30)

  • The sprigs of the godless will not make many branches, tainted roots find only hard rock. (Ecclesiasticus 40, 15)

  • Hateful brats, such are the children of sinners, who foregather in the haunts of the godless. (Ecclesiasticus 41, 5)

  • A godless father will be blamed by his children for the reproach he has brought on them. (Ecclesiasticus 41, 7)

  • A bad outlook for you, godless people, who have forsaken the Law of God Most High. (Ecclesiasticus 41, 8)

  • of the Law of the Most High or of the covenant, of a verdict that acquits the godless, (Ecclesiasticus 42, 2)

  • he set his heart on the Lord, in godless times he upheld the cause of religion. (Ecclesiasticus 49, 3)

  • Hence the Lord will no longer take delight in their young people, or pity on their orphans and widows, since all of them are godless and evil, and everything they say is madness. After all this, his anger is not spent. No, his hand is still raised! (Isaiah 9, 16)

“Que Maria seja toda a razão da sua existência e o guie ao porto seguro da eterna salvação. Que Ela lhe sirva de doce modelo e inspiração na virtude da santa humildade.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina