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  • the wicked will not stand firm at the Judgement nor sinners in the gathering of the upright. (Psalms 1, 5)

  • Put an end to the malice of the wicked, make the upright stand firm, you who discern hearts and minds, God the upright. (Psalms 7, 9)

  • even through the mouths of children, or of babes in arms, you make him a fortress, firm against your foes, to subdue the enemy and the rebel. (Psalms 8, 2)

  • I look up at your heavens, shaped by your fingers, at the moon and the stars you set firm- (Psalms 8, 3)

  • Yahweh is enthroned for ever, keeping his throne firm for judgement; (Psalms 9, 7)

  • They will crumple and fall, while we stand upright and firm. (Psalms 20, 8)

  • it is he who laid its foundations on the seas, on the flowing waters fixed it firm. (Psalms 24, 2)

  • but Yahweh's own plan stands firm for ever, his heart's counsel from age to age. (Psalms 33, 11)

  • Yahweh guides a strong man's steps and keeps them firm; and takes pleasure in him. (Psalms 37, 23)

  • He pulled me up from the seething chasm, from the mud of the mire. He set my feet on rock, and made my footsteps firm. (Psalms 40, 2)

  • I am sinking in the deepest swamp and there is no firm ground. I have stepped into deep water and the waves are washing over me. (Psalms 69, 2)

  • The earth quakes and all its inhabitants; it is I who hold its pillars firm.Pause (Psalms 75, 3)

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