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  • And God seeing that the wickedness of men was great on the earth, and that all the thought of their heart was bent upon evil at all times, (Genesis 6, 5)

  • And the Lord smelled a sweet savour, and said: I will no more curse the earth for the sake of man: for the imagination and thought of man's heart are prone to evil from his youth: therefore I will no more destroy every living soul as I have done. (Genesis 8, 21)

  • And he thought him forth abroad, and said to him: Look up to heaven and number the stars, if thou canst. And he said to him: So shall thy seed be. (Genesis 15, 5)

  • Abraham answered: I thought with myself, saying: Perhaps there is not the fear of God in this place: and they will kill me for the sake of my wife: (Genesis 20, 11)

  • I thought we were binding sheaves in the field: and my sheaf arose as it were, end stood, and your sheaves standing about, bowed down before my sheaf. (Genesis 37, 7)

  • And when they saw him afar off, be- fore he came nigh them, they thought to kill him. (Genesis 37, 18)

  • When Juda saw her, he thought she was a harlot: for she had covered her face, lest she should be known. (Genesis 38, 16)

  • After two years Pharao had a dream. He thought he stood by the river, (Genesis 41, 1)

  • You thought evil against me: but God turned it into good, that he might exalt me, as at present you see, and might save many people. (Genesis 50, 20)

  • And whatsoever I had thought to do to them, I will do to you. (Numbers 33, 56)

  • Beware lest perhaps a wicked thought steal in upon thee, and thou say in thy heart: The seventh year of remission draweth nigh; and thou turn away thy eyes from thy poor brother, denying to lend him that which he asketh: lest he cry against thee to the Lord, and it become a sin unto thee. (Deuteronomy 15, 9)

  • And if in silent thought thou answer: How shall I know the word that the Lord hath not spoken? (Deuteronomy 18, 21)

“Não abandone sua alma à tentação, diz o Espírito Santo, já que a alegria do coração é a vida da alma e uma fonte inexaurível de santidade.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina