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  • And his brethren seeing that he was loved by his father, more than all his sons, hated him, and could not speak peaceably to him. (Genesis 37, 4)

  • And they answered: Why doth our lord speak so, as though thy servants had committed so heinous a fact? (Genesis 44, 7)

  • Then Juda coming hearer, said boldly: I beseech thee, my lord, let thy servant speak a word in thy ears,and be not angry with thy servant: for after Pharao thou art, (Genesis 44, 18)

  • And the time of the mourning being expired, Joseph spoke to the family of Pharao: If I have found favour in your sight, speak in the ears of Pharao: (Genesis 50, 4)

  • Go therefore and I will be in thy mouth: and I will teach thee what thou shalt speak. (Exodus 4, 12)

  • Speak to him, and put my words in his mouth: and I will be in thy mouth, and in his mouth, and will shew you what you must do. (Exodus 4, 15)

  • He shall speak in thy stead to the people, and shall be thy mouth: but thou shalt be to him in those things that pertain to God. (Exodus 4, 16)

  • For since the time that I went in to Pharao to speak in thy name, he hath afflicted thy people: and thou hast not delivered them. (Exodus 5, 23)

  • Go in, and speak to Pharao king of Egypt, that he let the children of Israel go out of his land. (Exodus 6, 11)

  • These are they that speak to Pharao king of Egypt, in order to bring out the children of Israel from Egypt: these are that Moses and Aaron (Exodus 6, 27)

  • And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: I am the Lord: speak thou to Pharao king of Egypt all that I say to thee. (Exodus 6, 29)

  • Thou shalt speak to him all that I command thee; and he shall speak to Pharao, that he let the children of Israel go out of his land. (Exodus 7, 2)

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