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  • And the hail destroyed through all the land of Egypt all things that were in the fields, both man and beast: and the hail smote every herb of the field, and it broke every tree of the country. (Exodus 9, 25)

  • And when he came nigh to the camp, he saw the calf, and the dances: and being very angry, he threw the tables out of his hand, and broke them at the foot of the mount: (Exodus 32, 19)

  • And immediately as he had made an end of speaking, the earth broke asunder under their feet: (Numbers 16, 31)

  • I cast the tables out of my hands, and broke them in your sight. (Deuteronomy 9, 17)

  • And behold a certain woman casting a piece of a millstone from above, dashed it against the head of Abimelech, and broke his skull. (Judges 9, 53)

  • Men lying privately in wait with her, and in the chamber expecting the event of the thing, and she cried out to him: The Philistines are upon thee, Samson. And he broke the bands, as a man would break a thread of tow twined with spittle, when it smelleth the fire: so it was not known wherein his strength Jay. (Judges 16, 9)

  • Dalila bound him again with these, and cried out: The Philistines are upon thee, Samson, there being an ambush prepared for him in the chamber. But he broke the bands like threads of webs. (Judges 16, 12)

  • And when he had named the ark of God, he fell from his stool backwards by the door, and broke his neck, and died. For he was an old man, and far advanced in years: and he judged Israel forty years. (1 Samuel 4, 18)

  • And the three valiant men broke through the camp of the Philistines, and drew water out of the cistern of Bethlehem, that was by the gate, and brought it to David: but he would not drink, but offered it to the Lord, (2 Samuel 23, 16)

  • Moreover he also removed his mother Maacha, from being the princess in the sacrifices of Priapus, and in the grove which she had consecrated to him: and he destroyed her den, and broke in pieces the filthy idol, and burnt it by the torrent Cedron: (1 Kings 15, 13)

  • And when Achab was dead, he broke the league which he had made with the king of Israel. (2 Kings 3, 5)

  • And broke it in pieces. They destroyed also the temple of Baal, and made a jakes in its place unto this day. (2 Kings 10, 27)

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